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Why Summer Makes Self-Care So Easy

Why Summer Makes Self-Care So Easy
By: Ariana Aguero

Self-care is a daily practice that’s never season specific. Loving yourself is the priority 365 days a year and don’t you forget it. But, we have to admit, self-care can become a lot easier when summer hits.

For one, there’s sunshine. Vitamin D is no joke. Remember last winter when we were all stuck in our homes, and dreaming about beautifully bright sunny days? Well now they are here and it’s our job to enjoy, even if it means clocking out of work a little early on a summer Friday (it’s ok we won’t tell). Sunshine and summer breeze mean walks, gardening, beach trips, or just enjoying through your window— whatever self-care feels like to you is what’s on the menu.

Speaking of sunshine, vacation anyone? Whether it’s a beach getaway, family road trip, or a chill staycation, we can’t say enough about taking time for some R&R. We know it can be hard to shift your focus from securing the bag to packing one, but it can make all the difference. With the right balance and self control, you might even be able to do both now that remote work is more accessible. 

There is so much summer fun out there to be had and when you’re busy making sand-strewn memories, there’s one thing you’re not doing and that’s checking your phone all the dang time. Much easier said than done, but it can be way easier to try cutting your screen time in the summer. When you’re on the beach, swap that phone for a juicy summer read or connect your phone to the speakers at the barbecue to stop yourself from refreshing Insta the whole time. You can get that summer screen time to an all time low, we believe in you!

Even though self-care can be fun it definitely isn’t always easy. For all the joy that comes with summer, there is also anxiety especially when it comes to body image. Here’s a little reminder that when summer comes around some people may be more insecure about their skin conditions, weight, scars, or anything. Let’s spend our energy being thoughtful with our words, generous with our compliments, and supportive of our sisters. Spreading joy is a self-care act too, so let’s get on it this summer. 

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