Our Story

Ornami means “to crown”or “to adorn” in Esperanto, a centuries-old language that was created to fosteruniversal peace and understanding. And ladies, NOTHING is more beautiful than awoman adorned with peace! Ornami strives to keep this language alive through the transformative power of self-care. We are an authentic community of women committed to loving ourselves through all of life’s ups and downs. We empower our Ornami Beauties to be the most royally purposed, deserving of greatness,and unapologetically feisty version of themselves. Are you ready for routine luxury self-care??? Perfect! Just follow these 3 easy steps...

The Founder

Hello, I’m Yewande, the accidental skincare entrepreneur. Ha! I say that but in all seriousness, it is not by chance that I stumbled upon a field that allows me to provide luxurious products to everyday women. Yet, it was a man who inspired me. Crazy, right? You probably noticed the past tense verb usage. Yep. Alas, what was is no more. I lost a boyfriend but gained a business that I’m passionate about. So, it clearly wasn’t a total loss! #stillwinning Service is at the core of my being. Helping others be the best version of themselves has always been my sweet spot. Long before my ex-boo was displeased with his Ghanian shea butter, I made it my mission to brighten the days of those around me. My greatest joy comes from empowering people in whatever capacity possible. Both personally or professionally, I strive to positively impact those to whom I am connected. Why women’s skincare? Well, why not?