Self-Love Vibe Bundle


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Whether from him, you, or your bestie-boo, the Self-Love Vibe Bundle is packed to perfection with all the luxurious goodness needed to caress your senses! Hit restart on your day with No Scrubs Ex-foliator. Combine Let that Mango and Glo Getta for a scented shine that makes your skin come alive. 

Pick a playlist that conveys your vibe and write to the flicker of calming candlelight as you journal all the reasons why you love you!

Don’t stop now. It’s just getting good! Turn out the lights, light a candle, and set the mood for some quality time with you. You? Yes, you! Because you’re worth it, sis. You are sooo worth it. 

  • No Scrubs EX-foliator Sugar Scrub (4 oz)
  • Let that Mango Body Butter (4 oz)
  • Glo-Getta Body Glow Oil (2 oz)
  • Limited-Edition 'Thrilla in Vanilla' Scented Candle
  • A calming and sweet tea
  • Mood-setting Playlists (Spotify/Apple)
  • *Pre order of the Self-love guided journal

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