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What Is Natural Skin Care?

What Is Natural Skin Care?

The skin is by far the largest organ on the human body. Even by that alone, you know it’s very important to you and your overall health. So, it’s important that you take good care of it. Whether you care more about your aesthetic appearance or you believe in the benefits that caring for your skin does for your overall health, it’s important that you treat your skin right and improve on it. That said, you have a strong companion in natural skin care

As its name suggests, natural skin care is a means of caring for your skin through the use of naturally-derived ingredients. Whether through oils, roots, flowers, or herbs, natural skin care deals in the use of ingredients that don’t occur artificially or which aren’t necessarily made in a lab.  

The classic definition of natural skin care, of course, involves the use of botanically-sourced ingredients that are formed by nature, and which are free of any synthetic chemicals. Products in this category are manufactured in a way that ensures the preservation of the ingredients. So, a lot of people who have chosen to adopt this definition of skin care tend to rely more on products which they make themselves or which are locally made.

Some natural skin care products themselves were also developed and gained massive adoption due to ancient stories about the ingredients and the skin care benefits that they carry. While a lot of these stories have debatable facts, there have also been some scientific studies that have gone into them and which have found that some natural skin care ingredients do make good on their promise to improve certain aspects of your skin. 

Ingredients such as Chamomile have shown anti-inflammatory and healing properties when applied topically, so the addition of this ingredient could be beneficial in helping to keep your skin’s quality over time.

Indeed, natural skin care has grown significantly in prominence. These days, beauty salons and spas have decided to pivot to the natural space, thus focusing more on naturally-derived products that help improve the skin quality of their users. Top beauty product manufacturers have also made the switch, choosing to either completely or partially focus on natural products as well. 

Some important branches of natural skin care include:


Ayurvedic skin care

Ayurvedic skin care is one of the oldest forms of natural skin care known to an. This skin care form is derived from Indian practices that date back over 5,000 years. Healing practices in this skin care methodology were used in medicine philosophy, and eve psychology. The approach to skin care is holistic, and it considers the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

In this healing method, the belief is that there are three principles born of nature’s five elements – Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. These principles are believed to work in tandem to help improve the holistic health of the body.

Skin care products under this approach usually contain avocados, aloe vera, clay, almonds, castor. Emu oil, cocoa, ginseng, cornmeal, ground almond, cucumbers, walnut shells, honey, and much more.


Honey skin care

Honey contains both anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. It is adept at trapping moisture and retaining it, and over the years, it has been extensively used in manufacturing millions of skin care products. Apart from moisture retention, however, honey can also help to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays and rejuvenate depleted skin.


Shea butter skin care

Shea butter is gotten from the Karite tree. It is known across the world for its ability to moisturize the skin, and it has also gotten acclaim as an emollient. For products that promote skin care for dry skin, shea butter is one of the most prominent ingredients.


Jojoba skin care

Jojoba skin care is a natural remedy that moisturizes the skin. The oil gotten from this ingredient is strikingly similar to the natural whale sebum, and while Jojoba is a liquid wax, it becomes oily when broken down in room temperature. The oil can help improve the skin’s pH level and help restore pH balance.


Algae skin care

Studies have shown that Algae polysacchride can act as an effective skin moisturizer, and it can be used in a wide array of cosmetics. Algae are important when it comes to skin care for oily skin, as they can help emulsify oils, thus ensuring that people with oily skin can effectively remedy that situation. Skin care treatments such as Chlorella make use of these properties to take care of excess sebum, corneous cells, and even take out skin pimples. 

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