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Fire: The 4 Elements of Self Care Series

Fire: The 4 Elements of Self Care Series

By: Ariana Aguero


These days the default mode is hustle. Everyone is chasing their bag, dialing in on their grind, and making moves. As they should. But where is this energy when it comes to ourselves? Self-care is needed and it is natural. So in our new series we’re breaking down self-care by the four elements of nature.

Light your candles, snack on your spicy hot cheetos, and get ready because we’re turning up the heat and getting into the hottest element: fire. 


Vitamin D

You can think of vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies produce it naturally when directly exposed to sunlight. You can also get it through certain foods like salmon or supplements if you’re running low and chances are you might be. About 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient which is not what we like to see because vitamin D helps fight disease, reduce depression, and support weight loss. Being out in the sun doesn’t just give you a nice tan on the outside, it helps feed your body on the inside with the goodness it needs. So make sure you’re getting your daily dose of sunshine in. Doctor’s orders!



Burning the right candle can really set the mood for your self-care routine. It can help you to relax and unwind or get you energized and ready to go. Candles are the perfect complement to so many self-care practices so you can take your pick of how you incorporate them into your life. You can have them on your desk, by your bedside table or as part of activities like yoga, meditation, or bubble baths.


Dealing with anger in healthy ways 

Life happens and sometimes we see red. Understanding the difference between anger and aggression can make all the difference. While anger is a natural feeling and emotion, aggression is a decision and a behavior (it’s still natural but we can work on having more control over it!). So if you’re angry after a long day of your coworkers trying your patience, you might snap at your partner when you get home (happens to the best of us). Give yourself the space to reflect and validate the anger but then unpack the aggression so that you can find release. 

It’s smooth sailing for our next post as we drift away with the next element: air. So make sure you keep up!

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