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Priorities. What Are Yours?

Priorities. What Are Yours?
By: Raeanna Thompson


It’s still NO-vember and you know what that means, sis! It’s still the month for you to reclaim your time and show the most important person in your life love: YOU. Today we’re talking about priorities and why they’re important when floating through life. Releasing can sometimes be difficult, but we’re here to remind you that if it doesn’t  serve you, it has no room in your life.

This NO-vember (and always!) we’re saying no to anything that drains our energy. Whether at work, with family, or with your partner, what have you said no to this month? Despite the discomfort that may initially be present when saying no to loved ones, it can become fulfilling in the long run. We all know how life and adulting can become hectic; the everlasting rollercoaster of life is exactly why it is crucial to set priorities  for the sake of your mental health. Not only do priorities assist in keeping your life organized, living with intention and prioritizing can be necessary when accomplishing personal and professional goals. Let’s dive in.

What Are Priorities?

Priorities can simply be defined as “the hierarchy of importance between activities, tasks, relationships, etc.” Contrary to popular belief, everything cannot be a number one priority. When you fail to define your priorities within your life, this can create burnout as you attempt to accomplish too many things at once. Some of us may have a tendency to have eyes bigger than our stomachs at the dinner table. Meaning, we may take on more than we can actually handle, increasing unnecessary stress throughout daily life. Part of prioritizing is finding the order of importance between your daily tasks and activities and incorporating time management skills to successfully achieve them all. Some examples of healthy priorities can include:

  • Spending time with family
  • Participating in physical exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Paying off debt 

Priorities in Relationships and Your Career

Our priorities can also be situational. Part of maturing is realizing that you can set priorities within your career as well as relationships. To see success within both of these, implementing boundaries is key (refer to our previous blog post NO-vember and Yes to Boundaries)! Before you can prioritize within your relationship or your career, you first must decide what it is you are trying to accomplish. In your professional life, are you looking to advance? Are you aiming to find purpose in your professional world? Some career priorities can look like the following:

  • Daily responsibilities
  • Annual salary
  • Benefits
  • Working with a team

When you are prioritizing these aspects of your life, the #1 advice we can give is to be sure that they are bringing you happiness in some sort of capacity. Nothing can make you happy 100% of the time, but be mindful if something in your life is taking away from your happiness more often than not.  Take note of how these relationships and your professional life are serving you. If there is room for improvement, address it to be sure you are getting what it is you are truly looking to receive. 

Making YOURSELF the Priority

Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity that can improve the daily mental health of everyone. In 2021 and forward, you should always consider yourself the main priority in your life. Your mental state and wellness will thank you! Investing in the relationship you have with yourself is always necessary and self-love habits can contribute to a boost in confidence, authenticity, and overall well being. Going inward, or conducting shadow work, allows one to get in touch with emotions they may have constantly repressed and truly figure out their needs. Once you decipher your needs, you’ll be able to act accordingly, as well as communicate them to others. Shadow work is a great exercise/habit that can lead to transformational growth. Prioritizing yourself and your mental being is one of the greatest acts of self-care that one can participate in.

The month of NO-vember is the perfect time to choose yourself and ponder on the current state of your mental health. The evolved woman uses NO-vember as inspiration for her lifestyle year round! It’s okay to not have it all together 24/7, sis. But remember, your self-care regimens shouldn’t be optional. Improve your overall quality by committing to be the woman you see your higher self as!

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