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5 Affirmations to Live by in the New Year

5 Affirmations to Live by in the New Year
By: Raeanna Thompson


Congratulations for making it this far into 2022! 2021 was full of lessons and escapades that we couldn’t dare forget. So it’s out with the old and in with the new for 2022, and that includes the switch up of our daily routines. If you haven’t already implemented affirmations in your everyday practice, now is the time to start. The Psychology Dictionary defines affirmations as “a brief phrase which is spoken again and again in effort to plant seeds of happy and positive notions, conceptions, and attitudes into one’s psyche.” What we love about these expressions is they can be some of the most effective acts of self-care and give us that pick-me-up we need when going through life’s hurdles. 

The Psychology Behind Affirming Yourself

The purpose of positive affirmations are to conquer self-sabotaging thoughts that may intrude in our minds. In fact, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience studies have proven this healthy regime to lead to an increase in activity in the brain’s medial prefrontal cortex and ventral striatum centres. When these areas of the brain are stimulated, it acts as a reward center responding to a pleasing experience. Simply put, positively affirming yourself creates the same reaction in your brain as winning a game or eating your favorite foods. 

When you often experience intrusive thoughts coming to steal joy, affirmations can serve as a way to reprogram your mind.  We’re actively working to boost our self-esteem and show ourselves a little self love when we begin to change the way we speak and think about ourselves. Many individuals do not quite comprehend how we are capable of completely shaping our reality. Affirming can also be a form of manifestation. Walter E. Jacobson, M.D. explained to Psychology Today how the results of events in your life can be determined by the thinking that persists in the subconscious mind. The almighty tongue is powerful and, believe it or not, has the potential to shape one’s life based on the universal principle of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that individuals are capable of bringing anything into their life that they actively focus on. When you constantly focus on negative energy and/or events, this will in turn be reflected in your life, and vice versa. Pondering on and repeating positive affirmations is a way we can not only improve our mental health, but also the state of our external lives. 

Tips When Creating Affirmations

Now that you know what affirmations are and how they affect you, let’s get into the proper way to form them! Daily affirmations are not by any means a complex practice, but there are some steps that just can’t be skipped when creating and reciting your own. A key to positively affirming yourself is to always speak in the present tense. Using words like “I am”, “I will”, and “I feel” convey the belief that these statements are already occurring in your present reality. We try to refrain from using words like “should” or “could” because of the implication that there is a possibility that these things MAY happen. Another crucial note when using affirmations is to not forget the emotional charge that makes them effective. Passion for these phrases are what not only trains your subconscious mind, but also motivates you externally to accomplish said statements. Part of this emotional charge is actually feeling what you are saying; your statements should resonate with you and be said with complete conviction. Claim these statements as if they are already yours! Last but not least, we can’t forget to remind you to always keep your affirmations positive.

New Ways to Affirm in 2022

A sure way to see your mantras come to fruition is by getting personal and building your own, but there’s nothing wrong with using ones that you did not write! We’ve curated five affirmations that are superb to give you that much needed self-love at the beginning of your day or week. These can be journaled, written in your notes, penned on post-it notes on your bathroom mirror, however you choose to self-care. We suggest writing them down or reciting them three times each to get the full effect and really practice mindfulness.

  1. I am creative enough to fulfill any project I desire.
  • You are more creative than you give yourself credit for, sis! We know life can be hectic these days and a little self-motivation to finish what you started never hurt anyone.
      2. Anything I spend returns back to me tenfold.
  • Part of living an abundant, aligned life is trusting that the dollar will always make its way back to your pocket.
     3. I am firm in my boundaries and protect my peace by any means necessary.
  • Our returning gals know how we feel about our boundaries. Protecting your peace is the greatest form of self-care there is and it’s NOT optional.

     4. I release the need to control and understand that I am exactly where I need           to be.

  • It can be difficult to remind yourself when things are out of your control, but releasing that anxiety and stress is needed! Instead, let things flow like a river and focus on the source of your desire to always be in control. 
     5. As I walk down my divinely guided path, I am supported. 
  • Many of us may get in those moods where we feel alone, but trust that there's always someone cheering you on through it all.

This year we’re working to be more confident than ever. Let’s ditch the cliche “new year, new me” and instead place our attention on being better rather than new. Sometimes all you need to achieve your goals is a reprogram and rebrand, and we’re here for both! 2022 can be on track to be the best year yet when you use affirmations as a form of goal-setting and stabilizing your mental health. Get in babe, because we’re creating our own reality this lap around.

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